Clinical Therapy offered to our boys is driven from formal assessments.  Should a boy arrive at our program with a comprehensive assessment, we do not repeat the process. Should a boy not have an assessment, Dr. Dana Costin will complete one. Dr. Costin offers extensive experience in assessing and treating boys challenged by trauma, behavioural issues and sexual issues.



The average length of treatment is 18 months but this will vary depending on the level of commitment of the child to the program and his willingness to engage in the counselling process and also his general behaviours within the program.  It must also be carefully considered where the child will be transitioned to and how prepared that unit is to deal with the child.



Youth Connections involves everyone pertinent to the childs past and future development in the planning process. This includes Family, Workers, Band Members, etc.  P.O.C's are completed at regular intervals and case reviews occur when planning for re-integration/discharge.



Internet, Cell Phones, Community Time, Television, Music, Newspapers

Youth Connections offers extensive supervision and does not allow use of electronic devices that may be utilized to access inappropriate material. Independent Community time is not allowed for a minimum of 6 months and is then offered only after considering potential risks and the level of commitment of the boy to recognizing his issues. We remain thoughtful in considering the risks to our children and to the community. Television programming and literature (newspapers) are screened based upon their content.



Monthly reports, 6 month reports from Therapists, overviews and plan of care.

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