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To support the Foster Parents in administering all aspects of the daily programming. The Support Workers will be trained in Residential Care and will present with a solid educational background pertaining to dealing with children with behavioural and emotional challenges.

The hours of availability will vary pending the number of children in the home and the needs of those children.

The scale for support will be as follows:

Per Week - 4 Children = 50 hours, 3 Children = 35 hours,  2 Children = 10 hours, 1 Child = 8 hours
While this overview represents the usual level of support, we will provide more support should the need present.

The Foster Care Support Workers will be selected based upon their ability to integrate into the family unit while remaining aware of the clinical needs of the children in care.

They will be screened and selected jointly by Fostering Family Relations management team and The Foster Parents.

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