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All Youth Connections Therapists present with pronounced education/experience.
Our Therapists provide counsel, consultation and staff development.

Currently we have the following:

Dr. Siegi Schuler, Ph.D., RSW

Melissa Maltar, MSW, RSW

Karen Holladay, B.Sc., Dip. C.S.

Kim Madden, M. Ed.

Bill Helmeczi, M.Ed., M.Sc.

Brent Eisenkirch, MSW

Sean Basarke, MSW

Shelley Kavanagh, R.C.A.T., B.A.




Dr. Albert Massabki

Attends our office every second week and meets with assigned boys.

He addresses their overall mental health and may prescribe and monitor Psychotropic Medications


Dr. Richard Meen

Offers staff development and periodical assessments in unique cases


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